Code of Ethics

logo_cornerSCJ encourages ethical behavior among all journalists, but especially our members. See our statement on ethics below. We also encourage you to review the Society for Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

Never in the history of mass communications has the role of the journalist been more important than it is today.  The primary world links are the reports and reflections of the media.  These links serve as the life-blood in disseminating information and commentary to the public, whether on campus or in the city, nation or world.

Members of the Society for Collegiate Journalists pledge to gather all pertinent news and opinions concerning issues and events on campus, striving at all times for accuracy and fairness, and to safeguard the freedom of all campus media, in order that they be able to serve the campus community without dictation, coercion or restraint.

In the judgment of the Society for Collegiate Journalists, these standards represent the highest precepts of enlightened and professional journalism.

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