Past Presidents

logo_cornerThe Society for Collegiate Journalists has a history of strong leadership from media advisers from across the country. We salute them for their service to our organization. 


Grand Presidents of Pi Delta Epsilon
1909-1924 Presidents unknown
1924 Thomas Arkle Clark
1925 Charles Harvey Raymond
1926 Joseph S. Myers
1927 George McIntosh Sparks
1928-1932 Joseph Charles Patty
1932 Merritt M. Harris
1933-1937 Henry Grattan Doyle, George Washington University
1937-1939 Robert Hooper McNeil
1939-1949 Dale H. Gramley, Lehigh University (Salem College)
1949-1953 Robert X. Graham, University of Pittsburgh
1953-1955 Robert S. Harvey, Wabash College (Ind.)
1955-1957 Charles J. Moravec, Lehigh University
1957-1959 Clarence N. Anderson, Mankato State University
1956-1965 Herman A. Estrin, New Jersey Institute of Technology
1965-1967 Clifford P. Rowe, Pacific University (Ore.)
1967-1969 Robert C. Wright
1969-1971 W. Manion Rice, Southern Illinois University
1971-1973 Irving N. Rothman, Rice University
1973-1974 Willard E. Lally, Rider College
1974-1975 Daniel E. Thornburgh, Eastern Illinois University

National Presidents of Alpha Phi Gamma
1923-1926 Charles McCorkhill, Ohio Northern University
1926-1927 George McNamara, Ohio Northern University
1927-1928 Ralph L. Ropp, Ohio Northern University
1928-1929 Maxwell P. Boggs, Muskingum University
1929-1930 Richard P. Overmyer, Ohio Northern University
1930-1933 Russell H. Fitzgibbon, Hanover College
1933-1936 John Allan Smith, University of California, Santa Barbara
1937-1939 Richard P. Overmyer, Ohio Northern University
1940-1042 Erwin W. Bischoll, San Francisco State University
1942-1943 Lawrence J. Freeman, Ohio Northern University
1945-1947 Gil A. Cowan, Southwestern College (Los Angeles)
1948 Paul S. Conklin, Hanover College
1949 Gilbert L. Brown, University of Redlands
1950-1951 J. Paul Boushelle, New Mexico State University
1952 Ira G. Hawk, Wilmington College (Ohio)
1953-1954 Paul V. Sheehan, Fresno State University
1954-1955 Lloyd Ritter, Occidental College
1955-1956 Clyde Parker, Sacramento State University
1956-1957 Louis E. Ingelhart, Ball State University
1957-1958 John H. Duke, Fresno State University
1958-1959 Frank S. Basker, Hanover College
1959-1960 Wilfred P. James, California State Univ. at Long Beach
1960-1961 John A. Boyd, Indiana State University
1961-1962 Leo V. Young, San Francisco State University
1962-1964 J. William Click, Central Michigan University
1964-1965 Erling H. Erlandson, California State Univ. at Northridge
1965-1967 Arthur H. Margosian, Fresno State University
1967-1969 Ira L. Baker, High Point College
1969-1971 Marilyn A. Walker, Taylor University
1971-1975 Glen A. W. Kleine, Eastern Kentucky University

National Presidents of the Society for Collegiate Journalists
1976-1978 Ivan Holmes, Northeastern Oklahoma State University
1978-1980 J. William Click, Ohio University
1980-1982 W. Wilford Kale, Jr., College of William & Mary/Bureau Chief, Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch
1982-1984 David L. Adams, Kansas State University
1984-1986 John David Reed, Eastern Illinois University
1986-1988 Robert C. Gremmels, Wartburg College
1988-1992 Arthur H. Barlow, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
1992-1994 J. Douglas Tarpley, Regent University
1994-1996 Sheridan Barker, Carson-Newman College
1996-2002 William Lawbaugh, Mount. St. Mary’s College
2002-2005 William Ruehlmann, Virginia Wesleyan College
2006-2008 Mary Beth Earnheardt, Youngstown State University
2008-2010 Frank Barnas, Valdosta State University
2014 – 2018 Andrea Frantz, Buena Vista University

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