History of Society for Collegiate Journalists

The Society for Collegiate Journalists was formed on June 1, 1975, when two Greek-letter journalism societies, Pi Delta Epsilon (PDE) and Alpha Phi Gamma (APG), merged.

Pi Delta Epsilon (est. 1909) was the oldest national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity in the country. Through its Pi Delta Epsilon roots, the Society for Collegiate Journalists has that distinction. Pi Delta Epsilon always taught service and sacrifice of self.

Alpha Phi Gamma (est. 1919) had two principal purposes: to honor individual achievement in journalism, as shown through a student’s participation in a campus media organization, and to help maintain and improve the quality of student publications.

The spirits of both of these organizations still today form the basis of the mission of the Society for Collegiate Journalists.

The impetus for merger began in 1956 when Dr. Louis Ingelhart, APG President, contacted other collegiate journalism organizations throughout the country, suggesting that they merge to form a strong unified organization. The merger was finalized in 1977 when a new constitution for the Society was written at the 1977 SCJ National Convention.

More recently, SCJ formed an alliance with SPJ, the Society of Professional Journalists. Upon graduation, SCJ members pay only one-half the regular SPJ dues for the first two years as they launch their careers.

The Seal of the Society for Collegiate Journalists

The Society’s emblem incorporates several elements of its predecessors. Its seal is a circle with crossed quills above an inkwell. Around the outer edge of the circle are the words (in all capitals): “Society for Collegiate Journalists, Founded A.D. 1909.”


Colors of the Society

While the Society’s official colors are black and white, representing the organization’s print media heritage, it has chosen the colors of maroon and silver for use on banners and the Society’s Medal of Merit.

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