RMU initiates, celebrates new and returning members

The Robert Morris University SCJ chapter welcomed five new members on Oct. 10.

Those students are:

  • Malyk Johnson, freshman, Communications
  • Katey Ladika, sophomore, Media Arts
  • Maura Linehan, sophomore, Psychology
  • Brittany Mayer, sophomore, Communications
  • Kara Vanderweil, freshman, Media Arts

“The induction ceremony is always one of my favorite nights of the academic year,” said chapter faculty adviser Dr. Anthony Moretti. “The chance to welcome our new members and to remind everyone of the important work journalists do every single day make the night fun and yet serious.”

The chapter’s commitment to encouraging students from across the campus to join SCJ continues to be successful. The RMU cohort of more than 25 students includes majors from engineering, psychology, sports management, media arts and journalism.

This year’s ceremony also included a surprise for three chapter members. Senior media arts student Eddie Sheehy and senior communications major Hannah Smith received their SCJ certificates of merit, and junior communications major Delaney Hassell received her SCJ medal of merit.

The chapter now turns its attention to Nov. 8, when it will deliver a 4-hour live broadcast to the campus community as America elects a new president and important House and Senate races will determine the make-up of the new Congress. A significant web presence also will be included in that plan.

logo_cornerDon’t forget! Please send along photos of induction ceremonies, SCJ-sponsored events, and the like so we can share your good news with the rest of our SCJ family. Email pictures and information to scjnationaloffice@gmail.com.

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