Call for Major Awards Nominations

For many, the trees turning from green to brilliant reds and yellows may signal the end of summer. But for me, it’s a sign of things just beginning. It’s the start of a new academic year, which means that student media organizations all over the country are revving up to take risks, create new content, and engage in important community conversations.

It is also time for SCJ to recognize outstanding leadership and vision. Annually, SCJ awards those individuals and chapters who have served their respective communities with fortitude, vision and ethics. Our seven SCJ awards include:

Each of the awards require nominations or self-nominations, which is where you come in. Consider nominating your own best and brightest, or others you know to be outstanding in the student media field. Our website now provides easy online nomination forms. You can access forms for each award using the links above.

Most important: several of our awards have a September 15, 2015 deadline, so time is of the essence. But we’re journalists, so deadlines are in our blood, right?

Please go to the website today and take a moment to nominate.

1499499_714671640617_1379616982_nAndrea Frantz, Ph.D. is associate professor of digital media at Buena Vista University, Iowa. She was installed as SCJ President at the 2014 Biennial. She’s an advocate of student journalists and the First Amendment. She’ll be blogging periodically about SCJ and other news.

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